Designing of structures

The objective of designing the building structures and civil engineering works is to provide a solution tailored to the client’s desires and necessities, ensuring a well-conceived, rational, and safe outcome. Moreover, it’s paramount that the design remains stable and endures through both the construction phase and the operational lifespan. The building structures must enable architects to design both the exterior and interior of the building in the best possible way, according to their vision. They must also support developing a clever and reasonable solution for the MEP systems.

To create building structure designs, we use the Tekla Structures program, which allows us to grasp the shape of the entire building or civil engineering work in three dimensions. It also simplifies communication with other parties involved in the design. The program speeds up the design and construction process and helps to identify potential problems that can be solved in the design phase.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we offer building structure design services for both monolithic and precast reinforced concrete, as well as steel, composite, stone, and wooden structures.

We assist you with preparing your design at the preliminary, detailed, and construction working documents stages, and if necessary, in creating shop drawings.

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