Our values

Our core values are courage, cooperation and development.
We create a safe and sustainable living environment through the design and legalisation of buildings.
Our vision is to be the leading and most reliable main design company in Estonia.


Courage is a core value that enables us to be more ambitious. Courage makes us work hard, accept new challenges and special projects. This lays the foundation for creativity and helps with the discovery of clever solutions.


Cooperation is the greatest value, and we are consciously developing it within our team as well as with clients, partners and during after-sales service.
The keywords here are collective unity, establishing trusting relationships, friendliness and availability for the client.


Conscious development helps to enhance the competence of our people, but also to grow personally.
Through continuous development, we inspire colleagues and are professional partners to our clients.

About Us

Design requires experience, precision and determination. We have put together our team keeping these principles in mind. The core of our design bureau comprises a team of experienced professionals who set the main directions of work and enforce strict quality control. Under our experts’ guidance, ambitious young engineers help combine traditional solutions with innovative ideas.

Our team is always well informed about the most recent legislation and regulations of the field.

Projektibüroo OÜ has developed and implemented a management system that complies with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The scope of the management system includes project management, expert evaluations, and construction supervision. The certified management system ensures that all activities meet the high standards set by these regulations.

The Management System Manual is a document that provides general information about Projektibüroo OÜ’s management system. It is available to both internal and external stakeholders, including certification bodies, clients, partners, and company employees.

To review the Management System Manual, clients and partners are requested to contact our HR manager.

Establishment of Projektibüroo OÜ

Establishment of Projektibüroo OÜ. We began offering the use and occupancy permit service. Initially, one shareholder focused on sales and marketing, while the other took on the tasks.

The company gradually began to grow

The company gradually began to grow. We employed two new team members, part-time at first.

Our first major recruitment

We conducted our first major recruitment, bringing on board five new specialists. We moved to a new office space.


We expanded our field of activity and concluded our first main design contract.

We designed and built a unique modular house village in Tallinn Harbour in Estonia (Kodasema houses, also known as KODA Park).


Our team was growing fast (15 people) and we moved to the Luther Quarter with our office.

The growth of the company brought about the first bigger change, which was the creation of a separate architecture department.

The company’s management and environmental systems were ISO certified.

The field of operation expanded

The field of operation expanded, and the department of designer engineering began its work.


Our team grew rapidly, and by that time we had over 30 specialists working for us.

Four departments emerged.

We were constantly developing (and are developing) our specialists.

We started offering expert assessment of design documentation.

Rapid growth

We have experienced rapid growth and are increasingly emphasising collaboration, quality, and efficiency.

We are one of the three largest main design companies (designing buildings and civil engineering works) in Estonia.

We continue to excel in the building legalisation process. We have valuable knowledge and skills.


Continuous development and work in the name of improved quality is an ongoing process.


Our people

Our certified specialists have a wealth of experience and hold a profession-specific qualification certificate. We continuously engage in mentoring and further training to develop our younger specialists as well. We fully support their career path and the enhancement of their qualifications.

As a team, we are supportive and friendly toward each other and value cooperation. Our team spirit is becoming stronger through fun joint events. For example, we celebrate International Women’s and Men’s Day, host quiz games, summer days, Christmas parties, and other fun activities.

We are physically active people and enjoy doing sports together. Every year, we participate in some community runs. In addition to other fun activities, we have tried fencing and sailing and have played golf, paintball and volleyball. When we are not doing sports, we are cooking together or dining at restaurants.

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