Main design

Through the main design, we address the objectives set by the client while taking into account all requirements, laws, and regulations. We do this in a manner that is the most sustainable and rational for the client and the environment. Our goal is to be a strong partner for both the client and the builder.

We offer all stages of design.

We have a team of expert project managers who have successfully handled complex and varied design documentation projects. Their valuable skills help them succeed in their work.

In the main design, we pay careful attention to the preliminary work phase from the very beginning We get acquainted with the site’s basic data, understand its legal requirements, and outline the client’s desires. We create a detailed schedule and communicate regularly with all project stakeholders to respond to any questions in a timely manner. This helps our clients save both time and money.

For each project, we assemble a team of qualified professionals to ensure that the work is completed as effectively as possible. All design documentation is designed in 3D and is based on the operational programme prepared in cooperation with the client and in line with the proper requirements for building information modelling.

FEH000559 – Building work and maintenance

FPR000600 – Design

EEK001423 – Construction work audit

EEH011459 – Building work

EPE001445 – Expert assessment of construction design documents

EMU000447 – Heritage conservation

EEP004195 – Design

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