Privacy Policy

1. General provisions

1.1. The privacy policy governs the principles relating to the collection, processing and storage of personal data obtained through the use of the website of Projektibüroo OÜ. Personal data is collected, processed and stored by the personal data controller (Projektibüroo OÜ) (hereinafter data controller).

1.2. For the purposes of the privacy policy, a data subject is a customer or other natural person whose personal data is processed by the data controller.

1.3. A customer is anyone who enters their details to request a price or information. For the purposes of this privacy policy, a natural person is anyone who submits personal data when applying for a job or traineeship.

1.4. The data controller follows the principles of data processing provided by legislation; among other things, the data controller processes personal data legally, fairly and securely. The data controller is able to confirm that personal data has been processed in accordance with the legislation.

2. Collection, processing and storage of personal data

2.1. The personal data collected, processed and stored by the data controller is collected electronically, mainly via the website and email.

2.2. By sharing their personal data, the data subject gives the data controller the right to collect, organise, use and manage personal data for the purposes defined in the privacy policy, which the data subject shares directly or indirectly with the data controller when purchasing goods or services on the website.

2.3. The data subject is responsible for ensuring that the data provided by them is accurate, correct and complete. Submitting false information intentionally is considered a violation of the privacy policy. The data subject is immediately obliged to inform the data controller of any changes in the submitted data.

2.4. The data controller is not liable if the data subject provides false data and thereby causes damage to the data subject or third parties.

3. Processing and storing personal data of customers and natural persons.

3.1. The data controller may process the following personal data of the data subject:

3.1.1. First name and surname;

3.1.3. Phone number;

3.1.4. Email address;

3.1.5. Information to be provided in the request for quotation;

3.1.6. The data and the content of the inquiry in the request.

3.1.6. The information contained in the CV;

3.1.7. Information contained in a cover letter or letter of motivation.

3.1.8. Application data for an internship position.

3.1.9 Data in the personal portfolio.

3.2. In addition to the above, the data controller has the right to collect data about the customer and the natural person that is available in public registers.

3.3. We use the data collected from price and information requests to conduct our business.

3.4. When recruiting, we collect and process the personal data of natural persons in order to assess their qualifications, professional skills and characteristics.

3.6. When processing and storing the personal data of the data subject, the data controller must implement organisational and technical measures to ensure the protection of the personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure and any other unlawful processing.

5. Final provisions

5.2. The data controller has the right to partially or completely change the data protection conditions by notifying the data subjects of the changes via the website

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