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Projektibüroo’s story started on 9 February 2018, when just two employees started issuing use and occupancy permits. Soon there were project managers, BIM-coordinators and first architects in our team, which meant that in addition to issuing permits to already existing buildings we were able to start creating main design and designing future buildings ourselves.

We grew as a company and as individuals and shortly there were separate departments for the usage permits and architecture, which have been followed up by the structural engineering and our latest - heating, ventilation and air conditioning - departments.

In the three years 2 employees became 32 and there are still new positions that need to be filled.

Projektibüroo has become one of the biggest main design companies in Estonia, but we continue to work and put effort into improving our quality even more.



Projektibüroo is divided into different departments:


Structural Engineering

Use and Occupancy Permits

Project Managers

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning 

The board

but first and foremost we are one team.

We like to spend time with our colleagues after working hours as well. As active people, who are passionate about staying healthy, we often play sports together: in the summer we took part of the weekly Stamina Runs and in the winter there is a volleyball court waiting for us at the Beach House. We like to be on the move, either go sailing, play golf or paintball. And when we are not physically active, we organise cooking or board game nights.

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