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Projektibüroo is the market leader in applying for use and occupancy permits for buildings and arranging the corresponding documentation. We have experience in dealing with all Estonian local governments.

Application for a use and occupancy permit for a legally constructed building.

It is estimated that there are more than 300,000 buildings without a use and occupancy permit in Estonia, a large part of which have been built in accordance with the rules, but for some reason, the documents have not been drawn up correctly. Projektibüroo will help solve this problem!

Stages of application for an authorisation for use


First phase

We examine the construction documents submitted by the client and examine the building.

We will reply to the inquiry within 24 hours


Second phase

We fix the shortcomings of the building and the execution documentation and prepare a detailed price calculation, if necessary, for the construction works as well.

Up to 7 business days


Third phase

The compiled construction documents are uploaded to the Register of Buildings web environment.

Up to 3 business days


Fourth phase

Any comments made by the local government on the application are liquidated within a period not exceeding 30 working days, subject to a smooth process.


Fifth phase

The local government issues a digital authorisation for use.

Legalisation of illegally constructed or extended buildings.

There are more buildings that do not comply with the rules than you might think, but usually, the construction or extension of a building differently from the project was not ill-intentioned. It is possible to bring such buildings into line with the law, and Projektibüroo has experience in how to do this as rationally as possible.

Do you need a use and occupancy permit?

Ask us for an offer. We will respond within 24 hours and you will not be obliged to do anything!

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