Sindi Town Hall

Sindi Town Hall

Location: Pärnu mnt 12, Sindi, Tori municipality
Building type: Office
Year of construction: To be completed in 2024
Role: Architectural design,
Interior architecture
Net internal area: 1,100 m²

When designing the Sindi town hall, the aim was to exhibit an exotic building while ensuring the fulfilment of modern office building requirements. The building houses the Tori Municipality Government. An important part of the town hall is the square in front of the building, where Sindi town events take place. The Sindi town hall building is protected under heritage conservation. The brick façade of the building will be preserved and exhibited. In the interior architecture, the historic details have been exposed as much as possible, together with modern materials and elements. It is a two-storey building. It has a basement, an attic and a bell tower.

Client: Tori Municipality Government
Builder: Enska Ehitus OÜ
Visualisation: Revismo

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