Rabasaare defence forces training campus

Rabasaare defence forces training campus

Location: Lääne-Viru county, Tapa municipality, Rabasaare village
Building type: Campus
Year of construction: 2023
Role: Architectural design,
Project management,
Building structures

In Rabasaare, a former peat industry village, an urban training campus was built for the defence forces under the leadership of the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments. The campus consists of seven multi-storey urban training buildings, a connecting road with a bridge between the centre polygon and Rabasaare village, and a rather extensive network of roads to the village. A suitable solution was found to improve training opportunities that would take into account the interests of the community, the historical heritage and the natural environment. The new buildings were designed in a way that they would fit in with the historic atmosphere.
The urban training campus gives the defence forces the opportunity to train in realistic conditions. This will greatly improve the urban fighting skills of the members. The area can be accessed from different corners and sides. The buildings have been designed to be as diverse as possible. The buildings have different structures and are resistant to a variety of conditions. All buildings have movable walls, so that different training situations can be created.

Client: Estonian Centre for Defence Investments
Builder: YIT Eesti
Photos: Maria Grünberg

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